Sedimentary Rocks!

I’m pretty into rocks. I realized I’ve been taking footage of rocks and picking up rocks for a long time, so here is my first rock video. Its all about Sedimentary – the most common (and most awesome) type of rock on Earth’s surface. I’ll come out with others on igneous and metamorphic once I’ve got a bit bigger of a stock-pile.

Air and Plants… in Bottles?

I’ve recently become obsessed with putting plants in bottles, and doing science with that. Sometimes it works as I expect it would, but more often than that, IĀ end up getting surprised by some strange thing science does.

As for successfully growing plants in jars, I’ve had almost too much luck with that:

Deserts, Rivers, and Updates

So I recently went to the desert in Utah to go rock climbing, and I made some videos while I was there because, lets be honest, deserts are freaking cool places! Here is the first one:

I’ve also got a brand new and beautiful intro for my videos! Shiny, right? I explain what its about and really what the entire channel is about.