Science Slam Award and Thank You!

Starting my talk on 'The Power of Plant Farts'. Photo cred: @ZaynaKhayat
Starting my talk on ‘The Power of Plant Farts’. Photo cred: @ZaynaKhayat

Wow. Science slams are a lot of fun! I want to do that again!

Last night I had the chance to participate as a finalist in the EURAXESS Science Slam North American competition. Five of us each gave ten minute ‘performances’ in which we tried to sum up our research in fun and accessible ways. Everyone had a very different approach, and worked on very different fields of science… The only thing that was consistent between them was that they rocked! If any of the presentations at scientific conferences (for example) were half as fun as any of those science slams I got to watch last night, then the world would surely be a different place.

The icing on the cake for all of this is that I won a trip to Europe in the spring of 2015, where I’ll get to participate in a science communication workshop with five other Science Slam winners from around the world, and make contact with a research lab of my choosing in Europe. The fullness of what this means will surely take some time to sink in, but I’m already excited.

My awesomely supportive family with the 'ticket'.
My awesomely supportive family with the ‘ticket’.

For now I just really want to thank EURAXESS Links North America and MaRS for organizing and hosting the event, and for all of those who came out to support all of the science slammers and enjoy the show. All of you guys rock!

Lastly, here (just this one last time) is the video that got me to Toronto in the first place:

Come Watch Some Science Slams!

EURAXESS Science Slam is coming up fast, this Wednesday at 6pm in Toronto. Here are the speakers:

1. Kurtis BAUTE from the University of Guelph, ON, CAN
2. Elpis PAVLIDOU from Yale University, CT, USA
3. Iris LAVI from UC Berkeley, CA, USA
4. Emily DABE from University of Florida, FL, USA
5. Robert JONSSON from University of Waterloo, ON, CAN

It’s free to attend, enjoy the show, and cast your vote, but EURAXESS hopes you’ll RSVP here:

Hope to see you there!