The Power of Plant Farts

Photo Cred: EURAXESS

The videos from last month’s EURAXESS North American Science Slam are now online! The idea of a science slam is to present your research in an entertaining way. Anything goes: singing, dancing, live experiments, whatever you can imagine. You can think of it as more of a performance than a presentation. You can check out my 10-minute talk, titled ‘The Power of Plant Farts’ below, and follow along on the slides here*.

Yeah, my talk has ‘farts’ in the title, and I ask for a volunteer to make some crude estimate involving a balloon, but hey, I had fun. That is what its all about, right? I mean, if we are going to tell our scientific stories in a way that we don’t enjoy telling, then who is going to enjoy listening? Either way, the silliness panned out for me: I won a trip to Europe!

In other news, last week the university I go to published an article about that talk and about my love for science communication. Check it out too!

*Made this into a small file, so things don’t quite show up as they should.. also, I do not claim copyright on any of these images.