Quality vs. Quantity vs. Apple vs. Orange

Quality or Quantity: no, it’s not one or the other, or you would end up with absolutely perfect nothing. But I do think there is some value to the arguments that Derek Muller of Veritasium makes about this topic:

It’s not all about the views, or I would clearly up the number of cats wearing bikinis (or however it is that the internet works – I’m not exactly sure) and call it a day.  I do like the expression Derek quotes that ‘shipping beats perfection’, and I appreciate his advice that if you want to make videos you just need to start making videos…  but there is something to be said about making high quality pieces that you are really proud of.

Having recently discovered Sam’s gorgeous science blog Kingdom of Science (also, he’s got the internet cat thing figured out) and talking with him about it I can’t help but feel that I’ve been a bit too focused on quantity over quality lately.

I’ve spent the last nine weeks making a weekly video, and I have no regrets. Its been a lot of fun, I’ve experimented a bit, I’ve learned a lot, and feel a bit less weird in-front of a camera. I still plan to put about five hours a week into making videos, but I now plan to make about a video a month instead of a video a week. This means more research, more planning, better shots, tighter editing, and hopefully better content for you.

* * *

Having stated my desire to make more meaningful and impactful videos (and to compare two different things) brings me to a very serious* and brief poll I would like you to take.

Apple vs OrangeWhich would you choose, this apple or this orange?

That’s it, one question with a one-word answer. You can leave your vote in the comments, or click this poll here: http://goo.gl/Jztw0c

*No, really.. I’m not kidding, I actually need some data here.. There is an actual reason.

When Money is on the Line: Plant Farts.

Ever wonder what kinds of weird things are going on behind laboratory doors? Heres a 60sec peak at what we’ve been up to in our lab. It involves plant farts. This is also my submission to the NSERC Science, Action! competition, where the most popular videos get a chance to win $3k… so, feel free to share this video with your plant-fart-loving friends if you want 🙂