Keep Your Popular Name and Your Identity

I’m really glad I’m not one of the 46,155 John Smiths (in USA alone), or one of the tens of thousands of Liu Xiangs. In fact, I may be the only Kurtis Baute on the internet, at least for now.

But if I had such a common/popular name, then how could I possibly keep my publications straight? As it is, publications list authors by their names and university affiliations, but that is more than a little confusing if you have a common name, or if you change universities.


The idea behind ORCID is that everyone can get their own reference code, so that however common their name is, they can stay distinguished. It is like how species have common names (which get mixed up with one another all the time), but [hopefully] only one Latin name – without this organization, biology wouldn’t be able to operate.

It takes 30 seconds to get a reference code, and only a few minutes to fill out the rest of the profile. Even with my uncommon name, I think that this idea is so cool that I signed up in preparation for whenever I have an actual publication.