It Started with 2000 Dominoes…

I’ve always loved visualizations of time-lines, like Carl Sagan’s cosmic calendar, which compressed all of the history of the universe into a single year. There is usually a problem with most of these sorts of thought experiments, though, and that problem is our ego. We like to focus on ourselves. So most of our time-lines (like this one) human history is our main focus, instead of just the 0.001% of the history of the universe that our species happens to occupy. I decided to make a different sort of timeline:

I posted this on Thursday, and it got 10,000 views in just the first few days, which is a lot for a new video on my little channel. More importantly, I got a ton of comments saying that the internet wanted “MORE”. So, as per demand, I’ve started preparing to do a bigger one. One that will be 500m long and will cover the entire history of the Universe. 13,799 dominoes, one take. I’m going to do it.

Logistically, its going to be much much harder. It will require building a robot, making thousands of dominoes, practicing a script while jogging (and looking like a madman), and all for 4.6 minutes of domino story-telling. but if there is one thing that this 2000-domino project made me sure of, its that doing the entire history of the universe is possible (albeit, very very tricky).

There will likely be accidents and there may be tears, but there shall be dominoes and science!