Are Mushrooms Plants?

I’m super obsessed with Fungi… In fact, I know this is only the first of many videos on fungi that I will make. In this little foray into fungi taxonomy, we go into what separates mushrooms from plants: why they are different and how we know. Hopefully there are some fungi facts you find surprising, because this is indeed one of the strangest groups in the kingdom of life.

The Class That Made Me Stop Taking Science

I stopped taking science half-way through High School. I wouldn’t take another science class for 5 years, and here I am now 10 years later doing my MSc. I often wonder how differently things could have gone in my life if I’d had a different academic experience in science at a younger age.

This is the story about the last class I took. I think there is a lesson here for any teacher or student, and I hope my experience can be useful to someone out there.

3 Study Tips From the Book ‘Make it Stick’

After reading the book ‘Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning’ I wanted to share what I learned about studying. I did this for you (my viewers), but also for myself.. because I knew that if I synthesized the material in this way, that like a test, I would have a better, longer lasting understanding of it.