Deserts, Rivers, and Updates

So I recently went to the desert in Utah to go rock climbing, and I made some videos while I was there because, lets be honest, deserts are freaking cool places! Here is the first one:

I’ve also got a brand new and beautiful intro for my videos! Shiny, right? I explain what its about and really what the entire channel is about.

10 Fantastic Fungi Facts

Fungi are totally crazy! Glow in the dark fungi, mushrooms that turn to goop, mass hallucinations, and more – it is a whacky world. I really struggled to make a video with only 10 facts, but I figured 7 minutes is long enough (for now).

Hopefully you learned something about the strange world of mushrooms, molds, and yeasts. If there is some other science-y thing you’d like to learn about, whether fungi or other, please let me know in the comments, and thanks for watching!


Are Mushrooms Plants?

I’m super obsessed with Fungi… In fact, I know this is only the first of many videos on fungi that I will make. In this little foray into fungi taxonomy, we go into what separates mushrooms from plants: why they are different and how we know. Hopefully there are some fungi facts you find surprising, because this is indeed one of the strangest groups in the kingdom of life.