I Made a Video This Week…

Yes, it is Thursday, Yes I made a video. No you cannot watch it. At least, not yet.

I submitted a video to an NSERC competition. The deadline closes tomorrow (Friday 27th of February), so you still have some time to make a 60-second video and submit it!

I’ll add the link (HERE) to this post once they’ve uploaded it… but for now, here is a behind-the-scenes in-the-making photo… Yes, there were pencil crayons involved.



VLOG: Chicken vs Egg

I started the Scope of Science so that I would have a sandbox to practice science communication in and be able to have fun while I do so. In that spirit, I’ve started vlogging (thats video-logging for those of you who get it mixed up like I apparently do)! I’m planning to be fairly regular about releasing a video on Thursdays, talking about similar things as I do here. I’ve already figured some ways to make next week’s video better, so I’m excited about this.

This week’s video is about chickens, eggs, and how to think about evolution: