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How do we communicate science? If science is a way of thinking, how do you teach that? Science is freaking cool, but how can we make it even cooler?

Those questions then got me thinking more generally; about how scientists do science, and how much better it could be if scientists communicated better with one another, and with the public. Also, about how technologies like the “Internet” could make science more efficient.

Is there a mathematical theorem that holds the answer to how to present scientific ideas to others? If you’re tallying YouTube hit counts, then the answer to science communication must involve using cute videos of cats… But really, what even are the metrics to measuring the impact of sharing a scientific finding? Is it publication count? Citation count? Some more elaborate index system?

Complex problems like these requires complex solutions, which is why I’ve created this blog. I’ll be covering topics about science communication, from MOOCs, to Open Science, to wearing nerdy t-shirts, to riveting scientometric details, to discussing standardized units.

If you think that improving science communication means improving the world, you’re in the right place! Whether you are a tenured microbiology professor who owns an SEM microscope, an amateur astronomer with a telescope that costs the same as a nice dinner for two, or are really just anyone with any interest in scientific progress, we’re all within the scope of science together.

Let’s get to it!